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National Health Reform Continues!

January 23, 2010

Both the Senate and the House have passed their respective versions of health care reform, but negotiations to reconcile the bills into one has slowed down significantly after the Senate Democrats lost the 60 vote super-majority that would have prevented filibustering.  This does not mean that health care reform has stopped, it only means that there will probably be another method for passing legislation.  Options such as reconciliation and breaking up the current bills into smaller legislation and passing those are available.  Nevertheless, the urgency to pass national health reform has not diminished and families and children across Iowa and around the entire country need the benefits of reform.

Guaranteed quality and affordability for all Americans are the most important goals and the work to bring these to our broken health care system will not stop. Our Congressional delegation needs to hear and know that this work will not stop and that they need to continue to work hard to get legislation passed!

To that end, here is the phone number for the Congress switchboard: 1-800-828-0498.  Please urge Senators Grassley and Harkin, and your Congressman, to keep working until health reform is finally, finally passed.  Each call is important and can be done multiple times.  They need to hear from Iowans and they need to know that we cannot wait any longer for the bill to be done.  The health care system without reform is not an option. Feel free to let them know some of the great provisions that benefit children and families, listed below on our blog.

Our leaders need to know how important reform is to you and that they are accountable for finishing this difficult work.

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