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Senate Actions on Health Care Coming to a Close

December 21, 2009

During this weekend, including the early hours of the morning, the Senate has passed a key vote on finally passing national health care reform.  Majority Leader Harry Reid brought forth the Manager’s Amendment that packages a series of provisions to add to the original Senate health reform bill.  The reason behind this set of changes is to garner more popular support than the original legislation on the floor in attempts to bolster more votes from the Democratic Caucus.  As such, the sixty votes to continue debate on health care were tallied successfully.

The remainder of the Senate schedule should look somthing like this:

Tuesday- second cloture vote (60 votes needed)

Wednesday- third cloture vote to end the debate (60 votes needed)

Thursday- Vote for Final Passage out of the Senate (simple majority needed)

After the Senate passage, the House and Senate bills will be fused in the Conference Committee, and finally sent to the President for his signature.

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